Tamara Le
Rockingham 31

Voted to increase spending 13%, raise taxes by $400 million, and create a massive deficit at the end of the two year budget (HB1)

Voted for a State Income Tax (HB 712)

Voted to repeal crucial voter integrity laws (HB105)

Voted to weaken our voter laws (HB106)

Voted to infringe your Second Amendment and Article 2a rights (HB109)

Voted to force businesses to pay an unsustainable State minimum wage (HB186)

Voted to raise taxes on New Hampshire employers. (HB623)

Voted for a devastating Capital Gains Tax. (HB686)

Voted against banning a State Income Tax (CACR12)

Voted for a disastrous income tax (SB1)

Voted to give New Hampshire licenses to illegal immigrants (HB397)

Voted to ban plastic straws (HB558)

Voted for a 10 cent fee on plastic bags (HB560)

Voted to establish local taxes on hotels and room rentals (HB641)

Voted for over 20 new or increased fees (HB682)

Voted YES for Red Flag legislation to infringe on your Second Amendment Rights (HB687)

Voted YES to give bureaucrats power over the redistricting process (CACR9)

Voted to weaken our state's voter integrity (SB7)

Voted to raise taxes during a global pandemic (Vote 167)

Voted to use CARES Act Funds to undermine Voter Integrity and put our clean and fair elections at risk.

Voted to institute a devastating Minimum Wage Hike on businesses during pandemic

Portsmouth Herald: Lawmaker suspended for ‘(expletive) private schools’ comment

CONCORD -- State Rep. Tamara Le, D-North Hampton, was suspended Tuesday from the House Education Committee for her Facebook post stating ”(expletive) private and religious schools.”

SeacoastOnline: North Hampton lawmaker says: (Expletive) private schools

House Republican Leader Dick Hinch issued a statement including a screen shot of Le’s post, which has since been taken down, “where she says, “F--- private and religious schools” because, she said, they do not protect students with disabilities.

Hinch called on House Speaker Steve Shurtleff to condemn Le’s behavior and remove her from the House Education Committee.

“It’s more than very concerning to me that a member of the House Education committee has used this type of vile language in a public format. It’s also concerning to me that so many of her Democrat House colleagues commented on and liked the post,” Hinch said.

“Rep. Le should immediately apologize to every private and religious school throughout the state, as well as all the students and parents,” Hinch wrote.

NH Journal: NH Speaker Suspends ‘F-Bomb’ Rep From House Education Committee

New Hampshire Speaker of the House Steve Shurtleff has temporarily suspended North Hampton Democrat State Rep. Tamara Le from the House Education Committee after NHJournal reported that she wrote “F*** private and religious schools” in a Facebook post.

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