Hassan to Raise Money for Kneeling Wendy Thomas


February 3, 2021

Maya Harvey

Concord, NH - New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Stephen Stepanek released the following statement regarding an upcoming fundraising event featuring Senator Maggie Hassan for kneeling New Hampshire Democrat Wendy Thomas, Democrat candidate in the upcoming Merrimack Special Election:

“It is certainly no surprise that Senator Hassan would line up behind kneeling Wendy Thomas for her campaign kick-off tonight. By fully endorsing radical Wendy Thomas, Maggie Hassan shows the people of New Hampshire exactly where she stands - she’d rather cater to her far-Left base instead of fighting for the people of New Hampshire. Maggie Hassan and Wendy Thomas will not be happy until they turn New Hampshire into another New York & California where the only science they follow is one of higher taxes, more spending, and bigger government. Wendy Thomas’ history of kneeling during our National Anthem and her votes for an Income Tax, increased employer taxes, and infringements on the Second Amendment stand in stark opposition to our New Hampshire Advantage, and Maggie Hassan’s full endorsement of Wendy Thomas makes it clear where Hassan stands on the big issues facing New Hampshire.”