New Hampshire Republicans Defend our Police in Keene; GOP activists greatly outnumbered the Democrats in Keene Thursday Night.


June 16, 2021

Maya Harvey

Concord, NH - NHGOP Chairman Stephen Stepanek released the following statement on Republican activists rallying against Keene Democrats' call to defund local law enforcement:

“Yesterday, Democrat protestors gathered at Keene’s Central Square in a call to defund their local police department but were quickly outnumbered and out-voiced as local republicans lined Central Square in opposition. The Republican crowd pushed back heavily on the Democrat’s out-of-touch and reckless messaging. Republicans expressed our loyal support for local law enforcement. Many brought signs showing statistics of the sky-rocketing crime rates of cities that have defunded their local departments, while others simply stated “Defend not Defund”. It’s clear from the frequent and overwhelmingly positive response from driver-bys that Keene residents share the same consensus: New Hampshire law enforcement works well for New Hampshire and is a much-appreciated department within our state. The NHGOP worked with the Cheshire County and Keene City Republicans to activate our grassroots members to gather peacefully yesterday - New Hampshire Republicans will always show up to support Law Enforcement wherever they need us.”