NHGOP Calls Out Congressman Pappas for Lying


October 22, 2020

Joe Sweeney

Concord, NH – In the WMUR New Hampshire First Congressional District Debate held last night in Manchester, incumbent Democrat Chris Pappas was asked why he did not disclose a long-term relationship with a Washington corporate lobbyist who lobbied on bills that Pappas voted on to the House Ethics Committee or the people of New Hampshire. Congressman Pappas lied on live television, denying the relationship. However, information has now surfaced that confirms the Congressman has misled voters on this issue.

NHGOP Chairman Stephen Stepanek released the following statement regarding Congressman Pappas lying to voters:

“The people of New Hampshire should not be lied to. Congressman Pappas dated a corporate lobbyist who lobbied on bills that were in front of Congressman Pappas in 2019. Pappas failed to disclose this relationship to the people of New Hampshire or follow House rules in reporting the relationship to the House Ethics Committee. This blatant abuse of the public trust is despicable. Now, in an attempt to cover up this ethics violation, Congressman Pappas is throwing out outrageous accusations at Matt Mowers. The Congressman should end the political games, and tell Granite Staters the truth.

This is exactly the kind of special interest politics that voters are sick and tired of. Granite Staters want to be heard over the corporate interests in DC, but it is clear that Congressman Pappas has put New Hampshire in the rearview since he went to Washington.”