Pappas Plays Politics with PPP


August 3, 2020

Joe Sweeney


Pelosi Rubber Stamp Chris Pappas has a lot of nerve. After failing to show up to work for weeks on his taxpayer-funded vacation, Pappas is now taking credit for President Trump’s wildly successful Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”), which has helped save 51 million jobs in small businesses across America.

The only problem? Pelosi and Pappas actually held up funding for PPP when the popular program quickly ran out of funds this spring. While Granite Staters were desperately waiting for their loans to be processed, Chris Pappas continued to collect his own government paycheck, leaving thousands of our small businesses in limbo.

This is the Pappas way: he looks to Nancy Pelosi for direction, but not the New Hampshire voters who elected him to serve on their behalf. For Pelosi, it’s hard to beat a 100% voting record that she can count on in pushing her liberal agenda items like defunding the police and the Green New Deal. It’s no wonder that with so much at stake, she’s sending in her army of special interests to come to Pappas’ rescue this fall.

Granite Staters will see through Pappas’ cheap attempt to claim credit for a program he had no interest in funding when it didn’t serve Nancy Pelosi’s personal interests just a few months ago.