Throwback Thursday: Vice President Kamala Harris’ Return to New Hampshire Highlights Past Primary Feud with President Biden 

The Discordant Duo


April 22, 2021

Maya Harvey

Tomorrow, Vice President Kamala Harris is en route to New Hampshire to promote a infrastructure-less infrastructure plan and to avoid our Southern Border as much as possible. When Harris was last in New Hampshire in September 2019, she was running a heated campaign against Joe Biden for the Democrat nomination. Despite her best efforts, Kamala Harris dropped out of the race before the New Hampshire Primary - falling short in her primary objective, just as she is falling short as Vice President. 

Teamwork makes the dream work - perhaps this is why the current administration's meager attempts towards the nation's biggest crisis have been less than successful.  

Elizabeth Drew, The Atlantic, 08/19/21

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden’s rocky relationship could be tied to one of several disputes exchanged over the years, including Harris’s charge toward Biden’s sexual assault allegations in April of 2019.

Paul Steinhauser, Huffington Post, 04/04/21  

Or maybe the two haven’t found common ground since their falling out on race relations, when Harris referred to Biden’s comments as deeply concerning and that his success would have prevented her from holding office.  


The Washington Post, 06/28/19

The only tactic the two can agree on is ignoring the biggest problems facing our country. Almost one month has passed since Harris has been charged with tackling the country’s southern border crisis, and this ‘border czar’ has yet to even visit the epicenter of the crisis.

Bottom line: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris must find common ground to resolve the critical threats currently facing our country before Americans are forced to pay the price for their mistakes.